ACCUG 2021

Preliminary Interest and Registration Form

The Air-Cooled Condenser Users Group virtual meeting will include presentations and discussion in three primary categories:

  • Chemistry and Corrosion: Includes the latest on cycle chemistry treatments and controls to ensure that the ACC is optimally protected and that a minimum level of total iron corrosion products flow into the generating plant (both fossil and combined cycle/HRSG). Updates will be included on internal inspections and application of the DHACI (corrosion index). The latest application information will be provided on use of film forming substance (FFS) as well as the most recent research results from the IAPWS FFS International conferences;
  • Design and Performance: Covering recent developments in design and approaches to optimize performance for ACCs. Induced draft airflow and modifications from the routine single-row tube dimensions are two major recently-introduced design changes. Performance enhancement with evaporative cooling support, addition of A-frames, wind mitigation, and motor upgrades are open for discussion, along with other relatively minor incremental performance enhancements.
  • Operation and Maintenance: Anticipating presentation and discussion of practical approaches developed by ACC operating companies as ‘best practices’ for O&M. Gearbox maintenance, reduction of fan blade cracking, maintaining tube fin cleanliness, and addressing air inleakage are typical topics covered in this category.
  • Existing ACCUG Guidelines for Internal Inspection of ACCs and Finned Tube Cleaning will be reviewed and discussed, along with draft information on Air Inleakage Guidelines for ACCs under development.
  • Active participation by and interaction between ACC owner/operators, consultants and vendors is encouraged and anticipated.
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