• Leadership

    Steering Committee

    Andrew Howell
    Senior Systems Chemist, Xcel Energy

    Responsibilities at Xcel Energy and its predecessor companies since 1982 have included problem-solving investigations concerned with (1) failure analyses and materials-degradation evaluations; (2) mitigation of scale, corrosion, and deposits in boilers, turbines, and other powerplant equipment; and (3) prevention of condenser air inleakage. Last involved organizing and directing a condenser tube fouling and failure team to identify the root causes of problems and to recommend system improvements. Deliverables included a best practices document to help plant personnel minimize tube failures and maximize condenser performance. Andy has written or co-authored company best-practices guidelines for steam cycle chemistry, systems with copper alloys, boiler makeup chemistry, online instrumentation, etc. Recently he developed cycle chemistry guidelines for a new supercritical plant with hybrid air/water cooling system. Andy has BA and MS degrees in chemistry from University of Missouri and a PhD in chemistry with metallurgy minor from the Colorado School of Mines.
    Hoc Phung
    Principal Project Engineer, Power Generation, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

    Activities include design and construction of new fossil-fired and renewables generating facilities as well as operational support for existing plants.
    Hoc has more than 40 years of working experience; he has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
     Hoc Phung

    Barry Dooley

    Senior Associate, Structural Integrity Associates
    Barry is recognized globally for his expertise in cycle chemistry and work in reducing flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) and boiler tube failures to improve the reliability of steam generators. He has written or co-authored more than 260 technical papers in more than four decades of service to the electric power industry. In addition, Barry has edited the proceedings of more than a dozen international conferences focusing on metallurgy, power generation, boiler and HRSG tube failures, FAC, cycle chemistry, and plant life extension, and has co-authored definitive reference works on boiler tube failures, steam turbine damage mechanisms, and FAC.Barry is executive secretary for the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam. He has a B Eng and PhD in metallurgy from the University of Liverpool and a D Sc from the Moscow Power Institute.

    David Rettke
    Maintenance Specialist, Walter M Higgins Generating Station, NV Energy

    Dave has more than 30 years of industrial maintenance experience as a machinist, millwright, mechanic, and welder in various industries—the last six years in generating facilities. At Higgins Station, where he is intimately involved in ACC maintenance, Dave champions the plant’s continuous performance improvement, root cause analysis, vibration monitoring, and condition-based maintenance programs.Among Dave’s certifications: ISO Level 2, ANST Level 2 vibration analyst, Level 1 airborne ultrasound, balancing of rotating equipment.
    Oscar Hernandez
    Manager, Corporate Engineering – InterGen

    Oscar has more than 15 years of experience in the O&M of multi-national combined cycle projects in Mexico equipped with air-cooled condensers. Currently, he plays a key role for leading and supporting all InterGen projects worldwide as Engineering Manager. Prior to his current position, as a Production & Engineering Manager he was responsible of guiding the Plant Operations Team thru the mobilization and start-up operation of a 1322 MMSCFD gas compression station as well as of managing a number of critical engineering projects for power generation assets.
    He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and for the last years he has had significant involvement in projects associated with: project management, maintenance, quality assurance, programs for the chemical operation of combined-cycles, water treatment plants, development of chemical laboratories and environmental regulatory compliance.
    Riad Dandan
    Corporate Engineer, Dominion Energy

    Received BSME from Lawrence Tech University, Southfield, Michigan.
    Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Virginia.
    Over 23 years experience in machine design, R&D, manufacturing and automation in several industries including flexographic printing, converting and chemical industries.
    For the last 7 years, have been working for Dominion Energy, balance of plant group, main focus on material handling projects including coal, limestone, ash and biomass as well as cooling tower & air cooled condensers (ACC) projects at power generation stations.


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