2012 Conference

4th ACC Users Group Conference

 Wyoming Center at Cam-Plex, Gillette, Wyo
 September 24-26, 2012

 Hosts: Basin Electric Power Co-op, Black Hills Power Inc, Black Hills Electric Generation Inc, Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co, PacifiCorp, Wyoming Municipal Power Agency

 ACC Users Group Chair: Dr Andrew Howell, Senior Systems Chemist, Xcel Energy

Dry Fork Station
Plant report

Wyodak Power Plant
Plant report

Black Hills Power ACCs
Plant report

ACC Corrosion/FAC
Dr Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc

When is Condensate Polishing Justified in a CCGT Plant With an ACC
Gil Royal, Graver Technologies

Kogan Creek Update
Katherine Rose, Geoff Woodgate, and Gary Joy, CS Energy
Presented by Dr Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc

Hybrid Cooling System Overview
Michael N. DiFilippo and John S. Maulbetsch, Consultants

Eskom Perspective on Specifications for Large ACCs
Johannes Pretorius, Eskom

Realistic Ambient Air Temperature Specification for ACCs
Johannes Pretorius, Eskom

Safe and Economic Water-Saving Cooling for Nuclear Units
Zoltan Szabo and Attila Gregasz, GEA

Air-Cooled Steam Condenser Test Laboratory
Jean-Pierre Libert and Mark Huber, Evapco
Dr Dong Zhaoyi, Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology

What is the Condition of Your ACC System?
David Rettke, NV Energy

ACC Fan Hub Fixture
David Rettke, NV Energy

Suitability of Direct-Drive Motor Technology as Applied to ACCs
Bill Martin and Tom Weinandy, Baldor, a Member of the ABB Group

ACC Issues and Concerns
Rene Villafuerte, Central Saltillo Combined Cycle Power Plant

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