BSME and MSME from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) . Instructor of thermodynamics at RPI Functional Engineer (1975) at Linde Div, UCC , desinging cryogenic gas distillation columns Service engineer for Foster Wheeler ( 1978-1980) for intial comissioning of supercritical coal fired steam generators and fluid bed boilers supervisor, then manager of functional engineering dept at Foster Wheeler (1980-1998), 5 US patents, 16 tech papers sr process mechanical engineering at NEPCO/ Enron 1999-2002 , designed and specified major mechancial equipment for one 800 MWE combined cycle plant Progress Energy 2003-2011 sr mechanical engineer ( contract) adressing natural gas interchangeability issues , combined cycle plant components failures, closeout of several wet FGD scrubber projects and associated wastewater issues current 2012 as fleet steam/water staff engineer for fossil fired plants in GdF Suez north america fleet registered PE in NJ, Wa , NCEES

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