Reply To: ACC Leak/Performance Issue


We had some issues on ACC performance and we found the next on different events:
– Condensed traps at holding ejectors were not working properly so the condensed were accumulated so quick up to the point where the ejectors were almost flooded and stopped working efficiently. At that time, we purge the condensed traps almost all days until we can perform a comprehensive maintenance.
– Other issue we experienced was on the Steam Turbine Seal system, we found and air leakage through other trap that occasionally empty the water column used to seal the steam extractors from the Steam Turbine seals.
– Have you have identified low temperatures on your ACC just at some cells? Or all your ACC is colder than normal? If there are just some cells colder, you can start looking there…
– Finally, as a comment, we have found air leakage by ultrasound, if you have this as part of your tools, is cheaper and easy to use; it just need be well calibrated in order to identify air leakages.