Reply To: ACC Leak/Performance Issue


We did check the ejector condensate traps. I am going to have them flushed again.

We found indication from drain on the bearing housing/seals. We thought it is the steam seal, then we increased the seal steam pressure to 7 psi and nothing changed. we put a bucket on on the bottom of the drain and we filled it with water but the Helium indication is gone but the vacuum problem is still there. On the next outage we will look at our N1 bearing housing (We have A14 unit) to make sure there is no leak there.

The low temp issue is on all cells and they move around. We could not point it to any specific cell. As the hogger comes on the cells get better but the cold temp start developing randomly again.

I have not used ultrasonic for this application. I can look into it.

Thanks a lot,