Reply To: ACC Wind Shield/ Wind breaker Experience


Thanks very much, I am interested to know the 1st hand user’s experience of Gale breaker or any other installation and how they have gone about analysing pre vs post installation data.

We have actually installed GB wind shields last year (Jamie has been dealing with us) and results have been as expected for full load operation and high to medium wind speeds, however, we are interested to know is there is anything more we can achieve from our ACC? We are operating at variable loads and making a comparison for like for like conditions is quite challenging, hence my question to the users in this forum.

How much (%) improvement is achieved when comparing 50% Load conditions and different number of fans operations. (is this a linear relationship from full load or not? Has any of the users experience reduction in ACC fans required to achieve the same back pressure set point on steam turbine?

(I am looking at previous conferences and other relatable content on this website, thanks for your direction.)