Reply To: ACC Leak/Performance Issue

Rishi Velkar

Hello all,

We are having the same back pressure issue and are not able to find the leak. We have to start the hogger every two hours. We had CONCO (leak detection company) out 4 times so far yet had no success in locating the leak.

The main problem is that even an artificial leak is created by opening a valve and spraying Helium over it is not being detected properly at the air ejector. The test shot takes about 2 mins to be detected a the air ejector further more it is very weak. Has anyone faced this issue before where you were not able to detect even the test leak?

We checked the air ejector nozzles, the valves and the drains , everything is in good working condition. It just seems as though the helium gets diluted in the ACC since the leak is big. The hogger brings the DO from 700ppb to 200ppb for about thirty minutes and gradually goes back up.

We have tested the Steam gland seals, drain tanks, by pass valves, DA/condensate tank and air hogger/ejector skid and haven’t had any luck but doing testing without getting a good hit on the on the test leak is futile.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why we wouldn’t be able to get a good hit on the test shot? Can the Air leak dilute the Helium ?

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