Reply To: Polisher Bypass operation High Cation Cond


Hi Joshua,

We have no polisher after condensate. But you can check these;
If the water contamination problem exist:
1.Do you check your oxygen level in condensate tank ? Is it stable ?
2.Do you check your amine dosing to condensate system ? Maybe over dosage ?
You can reduce the amine blends dosing.
3.Sometimes condensate chemicals are not suitable contents and TOC level is getting increasing.
4.We have CO2 trap demin tank inlet. Do you have CO2 trap ? It leads to form carbonic acid.
5.Maybe you have carryover problem. You can check drum level. You can reduce the optimum level.
6.Sometimes, the wiremesh whis is placed on top of the drum can destroy . You can check the wiremesh for to prevent carryover to steam.

Good luck ­čÖé