2nd ACC Users Group Conference

Comanche Generating Station, Pueblo, Colo

September 28-29, 2010

Host utility: Xcel Energy

Chairman: Andrew Howell, Senior Systems Chemist


The latest on ACC corrosion mechanisms

Dr Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc

Impact of ACC on Comanche-3 steam-cycle chemistry design

Andrew Howell, Xcel Energy

Tracking corrosion-product transport from an ACC

Gary Hoffman, PacifiCorp

Experience with particulate filtration on startup at Comanche 3

Sandy Brown and Chris Gilmore, Xcel Energy

ACC condensate polishing in China

Wenhua Tian and Huiyong He, Xi’an Thermal Power Research Co (TPRI)

CS Energy’s Kogan Creek Power Station chemistry experience

Ian Richardson, Bruce Kerr, Ian Rawlings, Denis Doucet, Lyle Chapman, and Gary Joy, CS Energy; presented by
Dr Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc


The practical application of tracer-gas leak detection for ACCs

Andrew H Leavitt, Conco Systems Inc; presented by Gary Fischer, Conco Systems Inc


FinTech ACC™ cleaning technology

Gary Fischer, Conco Systems Inc

Wind effects on ACCs

John Maulbetsch and Mike DiFilippo, independent consultants

Potential influence that crosswinds have on ACC performance

Brent Gregory, Creative Power Solutions


Fan issues for ACC users

Paul Nelissen and Marten Dijkstra, Howden Cooling Fans

ACC gearbox seal change

Dave Rettke, NV Energy, Walter M Higgins Generating Station


Assessing remaining life for an old and cold ACC

Peter Jackson, Tetra Engineering Group

ACC mechanical maintenance

Dave Rettke, NV Energy, Walter M Higgins Generating Station


Comanche 3 cooling system design selection

Tim Farmer, Xcel Energy

Retrofit of an ACC to an existing water-cooled condensing system

Frank Ortega, GEA Power Cooling Inc

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