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      Site is 3×1 with 60 fan ACC. We have been in operation for about 3 years and are beginning to see high speed pinion failures. Vibration signature is very distinct with harmonics around GM frequency. The pinion damage is seen as gouging on only 1 or 2 teeth near the site of initial tooth contact on the helix. I suspect damage is being initiated when the fans are idle – when the anti reverse mechanism is engaged and the fan sees cyclical loading from wind transients, the pinion can impact/rattle in whatever tooth position it is locked in.

      These Hansen gearboxes are rated for 430 HP, yet the motors installed are 175 HP. I am also seeing signs of slight misalignment, which could be per design on the gearbox to account for torsional loading during operation. However, being paired with an undersized motor may not provide the design loading on the pinion to fully engage with the gear.

      Does anyone have a similar configuration or seen similar issues?

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      we had similar problems with a wet cooling tower.
      according to Hansen it was a lubrication problem and bearing tolerance.
      The gearbox was repaired in the factory and works fine now.
      as our office is about 50 miles from the factory personal contact is not difficult.
      I could get some information about this problem from them if you like.

      Huub Hubregtse

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      Anibal Quezada

      May you please confirm your contact credentials for further talking on the issue? Our current configuration is a smaller one and the gearbox type follows below:
      No.=2016 / AM0005
      Pnom/Tnom=298 kW / 29,96 kNm
      Ratio=18,95 R
      min-1=1800 / 94,99
      EP Gear Oil ISO 3448
      VG 220 0->50 C
      31 LT
      GREASE QS Mineral
      Nipples =1

      I look forward to hearing from you…

      Best Regards
      Anibal Quezada
      Maintenance Engineer
      Chilca Uno Power Plant
      Gerencia de Operaciones
      República de Panamá 3490 – San Isidro, Lima PERÚ
      Telefono 7125330
      Fax 7125312
      Celular 985055864
      RPM #792550

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      ID like to help. Can you send me your contact information with the gearbox details?
      I work for Sumitomo who recently purchased Hansen and I have factory contacts in the US and Europe.

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      Thank you for the replies, I am working on gathering more information and will reach back out.
      thank you

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      Just a thought that some of the wear can be due to the uneven loading on the fan blades due to wind caused stress. Saw photos of similar, actually worse at a larger facility .

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      Hi Gary and other persons.
      Yes, the impact of the wind is big due to the rocketing effect of the fan during wind.
      This has an impact on the outgoing bearing. The high speed pinion is on the motor side and should not be affected by the wind.
      To withstand the forces due to the wind we always specify an extra heavy bearing on the outgoing shaft, service factor 2.5 or higher.
      we recently invstigated a failure of the high speed pinion.
      It appeared to be a lubrication problem. The oil level should be just halfway if by some reasons this is not the case, the bearing overheats and get damaged.
      the result of this case was a complete failure of the gear box.
      Huub Hubregtse

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      Desmond de Haan

      What has the manufacturer given as feedback regarding the cause of the failure?

      I would be happy to offer our assistance in troubleshooting your issue.

      Due dilligence is appropraite for severe failures only three yeard into operation. I am sure the gearbox manufacturer would be interested in helping to identify the root cause.

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