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      During an inspection of our Hamon ACC, we found that we are continuing to have failures of our Steam Duct Supports that are internal to the A-Frame. To be clear, these aren’t the sliding supports but the braces that we were told were installed for alignment purposes during construction. They shouldn’t be experiencing load, but it appears they are, shearing off and falling to the fan area (some have impacted blades).

      Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a cause or solution?

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      Johnny Nelson

      We had a cross member (~8″ pipe) support bolts shear at the support pad. Not sure if this is your same failure.

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      Matt Owen


      We have seen an issue in which the CCM push-off studs that are used during construction to align the CCM have come loose from the structure. They are not really in the location I think you are describing though, as it sounds like your problem is up near the SDM over the motor bridge? Correct me if I’m wrong.

      If you could post some pictures or a Google Drive or Dropbox link with images of the inside of the ACC, the failed parts, or their location it would be a great help for everyone to better understand what’s happening.

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      Sounds like you are describing either a support at the partition wall or a vibration stiffener that might run from the motor bridge to the inside top of the A Frame. Hamon staff can be found at RC Cooling or you might contact EVAPCO-BLCT who would have staff that might have
      knowledge of these details.

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      Have witnessed this occurring at a facility in Nevada. If the bolts for these stiffeners are shearing then I would advise that you look at the Condensate headers for freedom of movement. There is only one fixed point for each CCM and SDM provided to limit the direction of thermal growth. If the CCM and SDM are not allowed to “grow” and slide in the intended direction then stresses may be applied elsewhere. Drop me a line. Marty

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