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      I have question about ACC vacuum system. for example for a regular 4*7 ACC module.
      What is the advantages and disadvantages of using steam ejector, vacuum pump or any hybrid system?
      which one is more stable against vacuum pressure changes in ACC? what about capital and running cost? design requirement, maintenance and any other important items.
      thanks a lot

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      At our facility we have two 3×7 banks and we use steam ejectors. So far they have been extremely efficient in maintaining the vacuum. I have never worked with vacuum pumps or hybrid systems so I am unable to say which one is better. With regards to the running costs all it requires are routine inspections by operations and maintenance

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      Basically steam ejectors remains the most efficient and less maintenance consuming system. When motive steam characteristics are not enough to keep vacuum under some particular operating conditions, or there is no motive steam available for start-up (no aux boiler), than LRVP or Hybrid system are necessary. But you need water cooling.

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