• 2014 Conference

    6th Annual ACC Users Group Conference

    September 22-25, 2014
    Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
    San Diego, CA

    Thanks to our corporate sponsors:
    MEE INDUSTRIES, MicroMist Systems, National Steel Erection, SIEMENS, SPIG, SPX

    Chairman: Dr Andrew Howell, Senior Systems Chemist, Xcel Energy

    Luc Debacker and Nick Gehring, LACC-JNK: ACC Control Philosophy

    Bill Stroman, KAAM Group: Amines in Air Cooled Condensers

    Martin J. Cuerdon, Advanced Analytical Solutions: Axial Fan Wind Turning Vane Scale Model Test Results

    Ron Lungu and Ruben Roman, Xcel Energy: Comanche ACC Improvement Project 2014 Update

    Andrew Howell, Xcel Energy: Consideration of the Environmental Impact of Wet vs Dry Cooling

    Tom Weinandy, Baldor: Design Considerations for a Direct Drive Motor Retrofit on an ACC

    Hans van Essen, Bronswerk Heat Transfer: Dynamic ACC Solutions: Debottlenecking ACC

    Dave Sanderlin, SPIG USA: Introducing HEI Standards for Air Cooled Condensers

    Wenhua Tian, Thermal Power Research Institute: Study on Long Term Reliable Operation of High Flowrate Mixed Bed Condensate Polisher in ACCs

    Scott Basham, Northland Power: North Battlefield Energy Centre: Air Cooled Condenser Maintenance and Vibration Issues and Solutions

    Jody Batten and Jim Schultz, Calpine Corporation: Otay Mesa Energy Center: Air Cooled Condenser Discussion

    Rene Villafuerte, Falcon Group: Power Capacity Improvement Through ACC Upgrades

    Tim Gauer, Siemens: Startup Behavior of ACC Drivetrain

    John S. Maulbetsch, Maulbetsch Consulting, and Michael N. DiFilippo, MND Consulting: Windscreen Study

    David Hicks, Titan Contracting and Leasing: Yellowstone ACC Rebundle Project

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