• 2011 Conference

    3rd ACC Users Group Conference

    PG&E Conference Center, San Francisco

    September 19-20, 2011

    Host utility: PG&E

    ACC Users Group Chair: Andrew Howell, Senior Systems Chemist, Xcel Energy

    Host Chair: Debbie Powell, Director, Fossil and Renewable O&M, PG&E Power Generation



     ACC corrosion/FAC: A perspective

    Dr Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc

    EPRI research project on corrosion in ACCs

    Richard Breckenridge, EPRI

    ACC chemistry evaluation with 2 -plants located Ontario, Canada

    Bill Stroman, Capital Power

    Corrosion product transport monitoring

    Dan Sampson, Worley-Parsons

     Selection and Installation of a Full-Flow Condensate Filtration System

    Gary Hoffman, Pacificorp and Pat Caton, Pall Corporation

    Condensate Polishing: Can it help?

    Anand Harohalli and Gil Royal, Graver Technologies

    Initial Post-Operational Inspection of Comanche Unit 3 ACC

    Andy Howell, Xcel Energy

    Kogan Creek power plant’s air cooled condenser: Update

    Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity and Gary Joy, CS Energy



    Wind effects on ACC’s

    John Maulbetsch, Maulbetsch Consulting

    Alternative fan drive solutions for ACCs

    Marty Mates and Tom Weinandy, Baldor Electric

    Water conservation type cooling systems for nuclear power plants

    Zoltán Szabo and Attila Gregasz, GEA EGI Co Ltd

    Discussion of wet surface air coolers (WSACs)

    Jeffery Preece, Progress Energy



    Gateway generating station – overview and ACC operating issues discussion

    Ben Stanley, PG&E Gateway Station

    ACC vibration limits and control

    David Suptic, EvapTech

    Presentation and discussion of wind effects on performance and structural integrity of large diameter axial cooling fans in air-cooled condensers

    Paul Nelissen, Howden



    Yellowstone power plant ACC

    Craig Ripley, Rosebud Operating Services

    What is the condition of your ACC?

    Dave Rettke, NV Energy

    Air cooled condenser commissioning 

    Lee Coll and Chris Bloch, Boyle Energy Services & Technology


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