2013 Conference

5th ACC Users Group Conference

Red Rock Resort, Summerlin, Nev
October 14-17, 2013

Host Utility: NV Energy

Sponsors: Chemtrac, GEA, National Steel Erection, SPIG, Baldor/ABB, MicroMist Systems,
Graver Technologies, Howden, Conco, Evapco-BLCT

Chairman: Dr Andrew Howell, Senior Systems Chemist, Xcel Energy

Operation and Maintenance
Session Chair: Dave Rettke, NV Energy and Rene Villefuerte, Comego SA de CV (CCC Saltillo)

ACC Gearboxes:  Experience on the selection and O&M of fan drive gearboxes
Hein Goldschagg, ESKOM

ACC Condition-Based Maintenance
Dave Rettke, NV Energy

Maintenance for Improved Gearbox Performance
Bob Neely and John Campbell, Amarillo Gear Co

Comanche 3 ACC Modifications
Ruben Roman and Ron Lungu, Xcel Energy

ACC Cleaning
Gary Fisher, Conco Systems Inc
Air In-Leakage Testing
Andrew Leavitt, Conco Systems Inc

Exciting Times for EPRI’s Water Use and Availability Technology Innovation Program
Jessica Shi, EPRI

Aluminum Coating of ACC Tubes
Planning for Development of ACC Guidelines Documents
Andy Howell, Xcel Energy

Chemistry and Corrosion
Session Chair: Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc

An Update on Chemistry and Corrosion in Air-Cooled Condensers
Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates Inc

Understanding How an ACC Unit Releases Iron: A Three-Month Study with Particle Analyzers
Paul Sehl, GE Water & Process Technologies
Jack Otis, TransCanada, Halton Hills Generating Station

Accelerated ACC and Steam System Commissioning at a Large GTL Facility
Tom Guidry, KBR; Garett Jennison, BES&T
Design and Performance
Session Chair: Hoc Phung, PG&E

Performance Characteristics of a Novel Modular Air-Cooled Condenser
Ronan Grimes, University of Limerick

ACC Expansion: Considering the Options to Add Fan Modules to the Matimba ACCs
Hein Goldschagg, ESKOM

Wind Shield Solutions from Galebreaker
Jamie Wilde and Jeremy Scudamore, Galebreaker

How to Improve the Air Side of the ACC
Martin Huis in’t Veld, Howden NL

How to Improve Air-Cooler Vacuum Steam Condenser Performance in the Field
Marc Ellmer, ELFLOW BV

Hybrid (dry/wet) Dephlegmator for Use in Air-Cooled Steam Condenser Systems
Hanno Reuter, Stellenbosch University

Comparison of Dry Cooling Alternatives
Alex Zekovich and Attila Gregasz, GEA

Solving Axial-Fan Wind-Related Problems
Martin J Cuerdon, Advanced Analytical Solutions LLC

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