• 2021 Virtual Conference

    Chemistry and Corrosion

    Session Chair: Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity, UK

    0:00 Latest in ACC Chemistry and Corrosion
    Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity, UK (Presentation Slides)

    35:30 Assessing Corrosion in ACCs at Eskom Medupi Power Station
    Sabelo Khanyile, ESKOM, South Africa (Presentation Slides)

    01:05:54 Film Forming Amine Trial and Inspection
    Jeff Demattos, Cogentrix, USA (Presentation Slides)

    01:33:04 Discussion

    0:00 FFS Application for ACCs Across the Dominion Fleet
    Shana Ferrante, Dominion Energy, USA (Presentation Slides)

    32:00 The Importance of Corrosion Product Monitoring
    Ken Kuruc, Hach Company, USA (Presentation Slides)

    01:02:30 Film Forming Amines for Preservation of Water Steam Cycles with and without ACC
    Ronny Wagner, Reicon, Germany (Presentation Slides)

    01:31:28 Discussion

    Design and Performance

    Session Chair: Riad Dandan, Dominion Energy, USA

    0:00 ACC Fan Gearbox Load Measurements at the Medupi and Kusile Power Stations
    Daniel Els, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (Presentation Slides)

    34:21 Overview of Stellenbosch University ACC Research
    Hannes Pretorius, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (Presentation Slides)

    01:01:33 Extended Gear Life Through Dedicated Oil Conditioning and Remote Monitoring
    Axel Wegner, C.C. Jensen, Inc., USA (Presentation Slides)

    01:39:15 Discussion

    0:00 Latest Axial Fan Design
    Bhaumik Modi, Hudson Products Corp., USA (Presentation Slides)

    27:02 Wind Screens – V Frame vs. A Frame
    Cosimo Bianchini, Ergon Research, Italy (Presentation Slides)

    01:10:21 Performance Comparison Between Co-current and Counter-flow ACC Tubes
    William Davies, Exponent, USA (Presentation Slides)

    01:37:27 Discussion

    Operation and Maintenance

    Session Chair: Rishi Velkar, NV Energy, USA

    0:00 Real Time Monitoring of ACC Fans
    Mirko Melisie, Howden, Netherlands (Presentation Slides)

    31:36 ACC Maintenance
    Huub Hubregtse, ACC Team, Netherlands (Presentation Slides)

    01:00:50 ACCs in Iran, Optimization and Challenges
    Mohammadreza Vaghar, MAPNA, Iran (Presentation Slides)

    01:38:10 Discussion

    0:00 Fully-automatic Cleaning Systems – The Evolution of ACC Cleaning
    Arndt Krebs, JNW Cleaning Solutions, Germany (Presentation Slides)

    49:03 ACCUG Guidelines
    Andrew Howell, EPRI, USA (Presentation Slides)

    01:46:21 Discussion

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